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Nice to meet you, I'm Valerio Angeli, a 1987 born DJ born in Rome, with a great passion and curiosity for dance music since I was a child (the dance music of the 90s). My favorite artist who is also the one who "pushed" me and opened me to this profession is Gigi D'Agostino, I loved and still love his music and his shows, he is my point of reference. And then, in that period there were really many artists that I followed and I liked (and I still like them now) like Prezioso and Marvin, Molella, Albertino, Gabry Ponte and the Eiffel 65, Benny Benassi, Corona, Robert Miles and really many many others. They all somehow marked and shaped my path thanks to their music. When I was a child, DJ equipment was really very expensive and inaccessible for a family like mine, so I had fun and started learning with the little I had at home (and without understanding much of the mechanisms), that is, with cassettes and later with portable compact discs and with a very old Philips turntable. As I grew up and reached adolescence I began to tinker with the first music creation programs and gradually began to get serious, also creating the first CD compilations for my friends. I was a very shy boy with little self-confidence, furthermore in this environment I didn't know anyone and therefore my hopes of success were less than zero, yet some friends trusted me and entrusted their parties to me, I also started following a DJ inside a nightclub to try to learn as much as possible, until I gained confidence and started working at the age of 14 during the summer breaks from school and on weekends and in winter as a worker in the construction company of a relative of mine, the The aim was to be able to enroll in a DJ school and try to enter this world without weighing on my family's shoulders. Successful undertaking and the results are also coming, here I really begin my professional journey not only in production but also in disco events and private events. I start with a small bar in my neighborhood that gives me confidence, and then move on to an organization that has various discos and from here the road goes downhill and I start working for many discos in Rome as a resident or as a DJ of the organization between the best known is certainly Gilda, a historic nightclub in Rome to which I was particularly attached. After a few years of great joy and moments of difficulty, at the age of 25 I met two colleagues (with whom I still collaborate today) and we decided to form a trio for a well-known revival disco of those years, the fashion bar. The trio does very well and also leads us to tour other clubs thanks to our format. In that summer I was also called as a guest DJ for a club in Sardinia. Also in that year, at one of my events, I met Emanuele Tantalo, my current music production partner with the name Angels&Tilove. Despite the many commitments and events in Italian discos, he still continues to host private parties, weddings and I also create a web radio where I host a program every week. The following year came great news, I began to be called and to hold events in some clubs in Switzerland, mainly in Lausanne and Ticino. 2014 is a special year for me, the Piper in Rome chose me as a DJ for its 50th anniversary and New Year's party, one of the most important and historic nightclubs in Italy. A few days before the event, unfortunately one of my best friends of all time passed away, this had a huge impact on me as a person and as a professional, despite this I regularly completed the event successfully, it wasn't easy but I really passed a great exam that night. So much so that the following year, 2015, the piper chose me as the only DJ for New Year's Eve, this time a few days before the event something happens that will completely change my private and professional life, my daughter Sofia is born (she was on December 27th and that night while my partner was in the hospital accompanied by me in the afternoon, I was performing at the Gilda, immediately after the performance I obviously ran to the hospital to them awaiting the birth).

So Piper and Gilda in the heart and in the head with great pain and immense personal joys. From here I began to change my professional life a little, less clubs and more private events, until I reached an average of 250 events per year including private parties, company parties, weddings and events both in Italy and Switzerland. Then at the end of 2019 an irreplaceable proposal arrived from Switzerland, to be a resident DJ for a club in Saas-Fee (Valais) for Après-Ski. I missed the clubs and the warmth of the track, so I decide to accept this proposal for the winter season, everything is going great until March 2020 arrives and the closures due to coronavirus. Today the events have resumed, and I continue my profession in Italy, Switzerland and any country that wants my presence both as DJ Valerio Angeli and as Angels&Tilove. Having been born from scratch, starting over was difficult but I took it as a new opportunity and challenge, I have always loved challenges, especially the more difficult ones. In fact, I have often embraced and continue to embrace projects with very difficult objectives and I really enjoy achieving them thanks to my work and dedication (for example a venue that has just opened which has the objective of 20 events per month or a venue in difficulty that needs new ideas, customers and format for distribution and invoicing). I don't have a magic wand, but it takes patience, time and a great desire to get involved.

The services I offer at events are varied and customizable depending on the type of event, furthermore I often bring with me one or more people from my staff to events (where possible) who is a technician, a photographer, a video maker or another figure artistic that the event needs. Being very good at clubs, in my performances I love to create a show with my presence and spectacular surprises planned with you to leave during the performance. creating a spectacle and the wow effect.....Now I'm waiting for your call!

Before contacting me to find out if I am the right DJ for your event, view the reviews you find on the home page and under the feedback form.

Contact me now for your free quote customized to your needs!!.

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